Bible 365 - Introduction and Overview

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The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to join fellow Bible students on a 365 day tour of the Christian Bible. If you join for the whole trip you will be reading every chapter and verse, from Genesis to Revelation, divided into daily rations that are relatively easy to digest. You can reference the Table of Contents below for the 1-year plan or go at your own pace.

Table of Contents

Click the Table of Contents link to review what we have been studying and then click on a link for any day to to see that day's material.

What They Said

We have had great feedback during our first six months into the study:

    "This is an impressive study!"
    "I have found it to be a blessing!"
    "I think what you have been doing on Listening for God is great as is Bible 365"
    "I continue to read, enjoy, and am nourished by your study course"

Our participants have also been providing their own insights, which we eventually work back into the comments and have pointed out the occasional missing link, which we correct as soon as possible. Please join us!

A Varied Pace

The first book of the Bible begins at an extremely fast pace as a lot of significant events happens within a few short passages. Consequently our study will reflect this pace. The Bible continues on this sprint through the through the first five books, known as the Pentateuch. Subsequent chapters have some overlap for reinforcement and then become very reflective. We will spend a good portion of the middle of the year reading Psalms, Proverbs, Prophets, books that are well suited for long hot days when life might slow down a little bit.

One Student Helping Another

Do you remember any classroom situations where you needed help and found that your fellow students were actually a better resource than the teacher or professor? Why is that? CS Lewis explains this phenomenon in his book on Psalms, noting that itís often easier for one student to explain because he or she has just learned it himself or herself and knows what itís like to struggle. Thatís our perspective in this blog. We are students sharing notes with you, our friends (and friends of friends).

Best Practice

In each blog entry we will give you a summary of the chapters for that day and an interpretation based on views of other commentators and our own thoughts.

We recommend that you read the full passages in the Bible either before or after reading the blog and decide for yourself what it means for you. We reference multiple versions of the Bible, but encourage you to use whichever version best suits you. The original written form of the Bible was in Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Aramaic. Exact translations are difficult because of language, style, and context that are foreign to modern readers. Hence, each translator or team of translators sets out to provide the most accurate representation into modern languages, but their own assumptions and interpretations result in different words and phrases. Therefore, reading multiple versions helps us to have a better perspective.

Maybe after reading one or more versions you draw the same conclusions that we have regarding the passage for the day or maybe you conclude something different. Perhaps there is a distinct message for you that does not apply to all of the rest of us. We invite you to share your thoughts on the blog for that day by email, comments page, or Twitter.

At the beginning of each book of study we will share with you the references used in preparing the study so that you can read deeper into those commentators observations or find other analysis.

Let's Go!

We started the first tour on January 1st, 2011 and began each subsequent version on January 1st of the following years. If you missed some days you can go back and catch up, or just join us where we are and perhaps read the beginning chapters next year.

Table of Contents


Pentateuch (Overview)

Genesis (Overview)

Genesis 1-4 (Let There be Life) - January 1st

Genesis 5-8 (Noah and the Flood) - January 2nd

Genesis 9-12 (Two Eternal Promises) - January 3rd

Genesis 13-17 (Patience is a Virtue) - January 4th

Genesis 18-20 (Sodom and Gomorrah) - January 5th

Genesis 21-23 (The LORD Provides) - January 6th

Genesis 24-25 (Isaac and Rebekah) - January 7th

Genesis 26-28 (Jacob's Ladder) - January 8th

Genesis 29-31 (Jacob Takes a Wife+) - January 9th

Genesis 32-35 (He Wrestles with God) - January 10th

Genesis 36-38 (Joseph Sold into Slavery) - January 11th

Genesis 39-41 (Dream On) - January 12th

Genesis 42-43 (It's a Small World) - January 13th

Genesis 44-46 (Family Reunion) - January 14th

Genesis 47-50 (End of the Beginning) - January 15th

Exodus (Overview)

    Exodus 1-4 (Prince of Egypt) - January 16th

    Exodus 5-7 (Let My People Go!) - January 17th

    Exodus 8-10 (Faithful Persistence) - January 18th

    Exodus 11-13 (The First Passover) - January 19th

    Exodus 14-16 (Parting of the Red Sea) - January 20th

    Exodus 17-20 (The Ten Commandments) - January 21st

    Exodus 21-23 (Success Comes in Small Increments) - January 22nd

    Exodus 24-27 (First House of Worship) - January 23rd

    Exodus 28-30 (The Role of the Priest) - January 24th

    Exodus 31-34 (Rebellion in the Desert) - January 25th

    Exodus 35-37 (Moses Explains the Tabernacle Design) - January 26th

    Exodus 38-40 (Tabernacle Done!) - January 27th

Leviticus (Overview)

    Leviticus 1-4 (Four Types of Sacrifice) - January 28th

    Leviticus 5-7 (Additional Rules for Sacrifice) - January 29th

    Leviticus 8-10 (Ordination of the First Priests) - January 30th

    Leviticus 11-13 (Rules for Cleanliness) - January 31st

    Leviticus 14-15 (Additional Rules for Cleanliness) - February 1st

    Leviticus 16-18 (The Scapegoat) - February 2nd

    Leviticus 19-20 (Crimes and Punishments) - February 3rd

    Leviticus 21-23 (Holiness for Priests and Feasts) - February 4th

    Leviticus 24-25 (Sacred Objects and Sabbaticals) - February 5th

    Leviticus 26-27 (Final Terms) - February 6th

Numbers (Overview)

    Numbers 1-2 (The First Census) - February 7th

    Numbers 3-4 (Instructions for the Levites) - February 8th

    Numbers 5-6 (Restitution, Nazirites, and Blessings) - February 9th

    Numbers 7 (Completion of the Tabernacle) - February 10th

    Numbers 8-10 (Everlasting Presence) - February 11th

    Numbers 11-13 (Ye of Little Faith) - February 12th

    Numbers 14 (Grave Consequences) - February 13th

    Numbers 15-18 (Rebellion in the Desert Part II) - February 14th

    Numbers 19-21 (Moses' Big Mistake) - February 15th

    Numbers 22-24 (The Incorruptible Sorcerer) - February 16th

    Numbers 25-26 (The Enemy Within) - February 17th

    Numbers 27-29 (Passing the Torch) - February 18th

    Numbers 30-32 (Taking Possession) - February 19th

    Numbers 33-36 (Bottom Line) - February 20th

Deuteronomy (Overview)

    Deuteronomy 1-2 (Review Session - Wilderness Years) - February 21st

    Deuteronomy 3-4 (Teach Your Children Well) - February 22nd

    Deuteronomy 5-8 (All Your Heart, Soul, and Strength) - February 23rd

    Deuteronomy 9-11 (Fear the LORD) - February 24th

    Deuteronomy 12-16 (Review - Holy Worship) - February 25th

    Deuteronomy 17-20 (Organization of the State) - February 26th

    Deuteronomy 21-23 (Mishpats - Part I) - February 27th

    Deuteronomy 24-26 (Mishpats - Part II) - February 28th

    Deuteronomy 27-28 (Truth or Consequences) - March 1st

    Deuteronomy 29-30 (Call to Commitment) - March 2nd

    Deuteronomy 31-34 (Final Word) - March 3rd

Books of History (Overview)

Joshua (Overview)

    Joshua 1-4 (March Forth) - March 4th

    Joshua 5-7 (Battle of Jericho) - March 5th

    Joshua 8-10 (The LORD is Victorious) - March 6th

    Joshua 11-13 (Victory in the North) - March 7th

    Joshua 14-17 (Allotment West of the Jordan) - March 8th

    Joshua 18-20 (Final Allotment) - March 9th

    Joshua 21-22 (First Controversy) - March 10th

    Joshua 23-24 (Joshua's Farewell Speech) - March 11th

Judges (Overview)

    Judges 1-2 (Incomplete Conquest) - March 12th

    Judges 3-5 (Unlikely Heroes) - March 13th

    Judges 6-8 (Gideon's Bible Story) - March 14th

    Judges 9-10 (Abimelek's Rebellion) - March 15th

    Judges 11-12 (Jephthah the Outcast) - March 16th

    Judges 13-16 (Samson and Delilah) - March 17th

    Judges 17-18 (Imagine a World without God) - March 18th

    Judges 19-21 (A World without God - continued) - March 19th

Ruth (Overview)

    Ruth 1-4 (Greatest Trade Ever) - March 20th

1 Samuel (Overview)

    1 Samuel 1-3 (Here I am LORD!) - March 21st

    1 Samuel 4-7 (Raiders of the Sacred Ark) - March 22nd

    1 Samuel 8-12 (Give us a King) - March 23rd

    1 Samuel 13-15 (Trouble in the King's Dominion) - March 24th

    1 Samuel 16-17 (David and Goliath) - March 25th

    1 Samuel 18-20 (David and Michal) - March 26th

    1 Samuel 21-24 (The Fugitive) - March 27th

    1 Samuel 25-27 (The Fugitive - Part II) - March 28th

    1 Samuel 28-29 (In the Enemy's Camp) - March 29th

    1 Samuel 30-31 (Saul Falls on His Own Sword) - March 30th

2 Samuel (Overview)

    2 Samuel 1-3 (Crowning of King David) - March 31st

    2 Samuel 4-7 (The King Arrives in Jerusalem) - April 1st

    2 Samuel 8-10 (Promises Fulfilled) - April 2nd

    2 Samuel 11-13 (David's Big Mistake) - April 3rd

    2 Samuel 14-18 (Absalom's Rebellion) - April 4th

    2 Samuel 19-20 (Sheba's Rebellion) - April 5th

    2 Samuel 21-24 (The Appendix) - April 6th

1 Kings (Overview)

    1 Kings 1-2 (Solomon's Brothers) - April 7th

    1 Kings 3-5 (Solomon's Wise Request) - April 8th

    1 Kings 6-8 (Temple Done!) - April 9th

    1 Kings 9-11 (Solomon in all his Splendor) - April 10th

    1 Kings 12-14 (Beginning of Division) - April 11th

    1 Kings 15-18 (Further Decline and the Rise of a Prophet) - April 12th

    1 Kings 19-20 (God Speaks in a Whisper) - April 13th

    1 Kings 21-22 (Thou Shall Not Covet) - April 14th

2 Kings (Overview)

    2 Kings 1-3 (Elijah Goes Home) - April 15th

    2 Kings 4-5 (Those Who Listen are Healed) - April 16th

    2 Kings 6-7 (He Intervenes) - April 17th

    2 Kings 9-10 (Jehu's Reign) - April 18th

    2 Kings 11-13 (Elisha's Final Acts) - April 19th

    2 Kings 14-17 (Eliminate those Idols, or Else...) - April 20th

    2 Kings 18-20 (Hezekiah Clears Out the Idols) - April 21st

    2 Kings 21-23 (Josiah Leads the People Back to God) - April 22nd

    2 Kings 24-25 (Exile to Babylon) - April 23rd

1 Chronicles (Overview)

    1 Chronicles 1-2 (Adam to David) - April 24th

    1 Chronicles 3-4 (David, Solomon, and Jabez) - April 25th

    1 Chronicles 5-6 (Genealogy Continued) - April 26th

    1 Chronicles 7-9 (Genealogy Concluded) - April 27th

    1 Chronicles 10-12 (Review of Saul and David) - April 28th

    1 Chronicles 13-16 (Arrival of the Ark) - April 29th

    1 Chronicles 17-19 (The LORD Defers the Temple Project) - April 30th

    Day of Rest (Bible 365 is one-third complete!) - May 1st

    1 Chronicles 20-22 (David Forgets What Counts) - May 2nd

    1 Chronicles 23-26 (Different Gifts - One Body of Service) - May 3rd

    1 Chronicles 27-29 (David's Final Words) - May 4th

2 Chronicles (Overview)

    2 Chronicles 1-4 (Solomon Kicks Off the Temple Project) - May 5th

    2 Chronicles 5-7 (Completion of the Temple) - May 6th

    2 Chronicles 8-11 (Beginning of the End) - May 7th

    2 Chronicles 12-16 (Rehoboam's Legacy) - May 8th

    2 Chronicles 17-20 (Jehosophat's Journey) - May 9th

    2 Chronicles 21-24 (Evil Begets Evil) - May 10th

    2 Chronicles 25-28 (Can't Serve Two Masters) - May 11th

    2 Chronicles 29-31 (Huzzah for Hezekiah!) - May 12th

    2 Chronicles 32-33 (Hezekiah Passes the Torch) - May 13th

    2 Chronicles 34-36 (Exile from Judah) - May 14th

Ezra (Overview)

    Ezra 1-4 (Return from Exile) - May 15th

    Ezra 5-6 (Temple Built) - May 16th

    Ezra 7-10 (Second Group of Returnees) - May 17th

Nehemiah (Overview)

    Nehemiah 1-3 (Rebuilding the Wall) - May 18th

    Nehemiah 4-7 (Finishing the Wall) - May 19th

    Nehemiah 8-10 (Back to School Week) - May 20th

    Nehemiah 11-13 (Getting Jerusalem Back on its Feet) - May 21st

Esther (Overview)

    Esther 1-3 (An Unlikely Queen) - May 22nd

    Esther 4-6 (Deadly Pride) - May 23rd

    Esther 7-10 (Esther to the Rescue) - May 24th

Books of Poetry (Overview)

Job (Overview)

    Job 1-4 (The LORD Giveth and Taketh Away) - May 25th

    Job 5-8 (Point and Counterpoint) - May 26th

    Job 9-12 (Zophar on Deck) - May 27th

    Job 13-16 (Down Thou Climbing Sorrow!) - May 28th

    Job 17-20 (How Long Will You Torment Me?) - May 29th

    Job 21-24 (Mock On!) May 30th

    Job 25-30 (Closing Arguments) May 31st

    Job 31-34 (Introducing Elihu) June 1st

    Job 35-37 (Elihu Makes His Point) June 2nd

    Job 38-42 (The LORD Responds) June 3rd

Psalms (Overview)

    Psalms 1-8 (Delight in the Law of the LORD) June 4th

    Psalms 9-17 (Protection and Praise) June 5th

    Psalms 18-21 (The Creator) June 6th

    Psalms 22-27 (Pain, Defeat, and Victory) June 7th

    Psalms 28-32 (Into Your Hands) June 8th

    Psalms 33-37 (Taste and See) June 9th

    Psalms 38-41 (How Long?!) June 10th

    Psalms 42-44 (As the Deer Pants) June 11th

    Psalms 45-49 (A Mighty Fortress) June 12th

    Psalms 50-55 (Penitential) June 13th

    Psalms 56-62 (In God We Trust) June 14th

    Psalms 63-68 (My Soul Thirst for You) June 15th

    Psalms 69-72 (Dear God, Hurry Up Already!) June 16th

    Psalms 73-77 (The Defender) June 17th

    Psalms 78-80 (S.O.S.) June 18th

    Psalms 81-88 (Celebrate!) June 19th

    Psalms 89-94 (You Are My Refuge) June 20th

    Psalms 95-103 (Listen and Follow) June 21st

    Psalms 104-106 (Holy Creation) June 22nd

    Psalms 107-111 (Curse My Enemies?) June 23rd

    Psalms 112-118 (The Center) June 24th

    Psalms 119 (A to Z) June 25th

    Psalms 120-134 (Songs of Ascent) June 26th

    Psalms 135-140 (His Love Endures Forever) June 27th

    Psalms 141-150 (The Final Psalms) June 28th

Proverbs (Overview)

    Proverbs 1-3 (The Beginning of Wisdom) June 29th

    Proverbs 4-6 (Though it Costs You All You Have) June 30th

    The Wise Know When to Rest(Mid-Year Study Break ) July 1st

    Proverbs 7-11 (It Appeals to Intellect) July 2nd

    Proverbs 12-14 (The Wise Control Their Tongue) July 3rd

    Proverbs 15-17 (Independence Occurs when We Commit to God) July 4th

    Proverbs 18-20 (Truth, Justice, and Good Judgment) July 5th

    Proverbs 21-23 (Warnings of the Heart) July 6th

    Proverbs 24-26 (Like a Cloud Without Rain) July 7th

    Proverbs 27-29 (Don't Boast About Tomorrow) July 8th

    Proverbs 30-31 (The More You Know) July 9th

Ecclesiastes (Overview)

    Ecclesiastes 1-4 (A Time for Everything) July 10th

    Ecclesiastes 5-8 (Go Near to Listen) July 11th

    Ecclesiastes 9-12 (Solomonís Final Conclusion) July 12th

Song of Songs(Overview)

    Song of Songs 1-4 (How Shall I Describe Thee?) July 13th

    Song of Songs 5-8 (Garden of Love) July 14th

Books of Prophecy(Overview)


    Isaiah 1-3 (The LORD Will Shake the Earth) - July 15th

    Isaiah 4-8 (The Branch of the LORD) - July 16th

    Isaiah 9-12 (For Unto Us a Child Is Born) - July 17th

    Isaiah 13-14 (The Perennial Winner) - July 18th

    Isaiah 15-19 (Woe to the Enemies of the LORD) - July 19th

    Isaiah 20-23 (Woe to Jerusalem) - July 20th

    Isaiah 24-27 (Day of Judgement) - July 21st

    Isaiah 28-30 (Sav Lasav Sav Lasav) - July 22nd

    Isaiah 31-33 (Redemption and Folly for Judah) - July 23rd

    Isaiah 34-35 (A Vision for Zion) - July 24th

    Isaiah 36-39 (Trust in the LORD) - July 25th

    Isaiah 40-42 (Run and Not Grow Weary) - July 26th

    Isaiah 43-45 (Grace Abounds) - July 27th

    Isaiah 46-48 (Carry You) - July 28th

    Isaiah 49-53 (The Suffering Servant) - July 29th

    Isaiah 54-57 (Thy Word Is Food for My Soul) - July 30th

    Isaiah 58-60 (The Coming of the Glory of the LORD) - July 31st

    Isaiah 61-63 (Mighty to Save) - August 1st

    Isaiah 64-66 (New Heaven and Earth) - August 2nd

Jeremiah (Overview)

    Jeremiah 1-3 (Paging Jeremiah) - August 3rd

    Jeremiah 4-6 (Danger, People of Judah, Danger!) - August 4th

    Jeremiah 7-8 (Empty Sacrifices) - August 5th

    Jeremiah 9-10 (The Tongue Is a Deadly Arrow) - August 6th

    Jeremiah 11-13 (The Life of Jeremiah) - August 7th

    Jeremiah 14-16 (Turn To the LORD) - August 8th

    Jeremiah 17-20 (Speak Up) - August 9th

    Jeremiah 21-23 (Time's Up for Zedekiah) - August 10th

    Jeremiah 24-25 (King of Kings) - August 11th

    Jeremiah 26-29 (Plans to Prosper) - August 12th

    Jeremiah 30-33 (A New Jerusalem) - August 13th

    Jeremiah 34-36 (Are You Sure?) - August 14th

    Jeremiah 37-38 (Final Days of Jerusalem) - August 15th

    Jeremiah 39-41 (The Walls Came Tumbling Down) - August 16th

    Jeremiah 42-45 (The Aftermath) - August 17th

    Jeremiah 46-47 (Oracles Against Other Nations) - August 18th

    Jeremiah 48-49 (More Oracles Against Other Nations) - August 19th

    Jeremiah 50-51 (Bigger and Better Oracles Against Other Nations) - August 20th

    Jeremiah 52 (Hope Persists) - August 21st

Lamentations (Overview)

    Lamentations 1-2 (Not Gonna Say I Told You So) - August 22nd

    Lamentations 3-5 (S.O.S) - August 23rd

Ezekiel (Overview)

    Ezekiel 1-3 (Ezekiel Saw the Wheel ) - August 24th

    Ezekiel 4-7 (Laying Down on the Job ) - August 25th

    Ezekiel 8-11 (Exit of the Glory of the LORD) - August 26th

    Ezekiel 12-14 (We Walk Sightless Among Miracles) - August 27th

    Ezekiel 15-16 (New Covenant) - August 28th

    Ezekiel 17-19 (Parable of the Eagle and the Cedar) - August 29th

    Ezekiel 20-23 (History of Corrupt Leadership 101) - August 30th

    Ezekiel 24 (Parable of the Cooking Pot) - August 31st

    Ezekiel 25-26 (Judgment Against Other Nations) - September 1st

    Ezekiel 27-28 (No Miracle Catch for This Tyre) - September 2nd

    Ezekiel 29-32 (The Cattle Will Not Be Coming Home) - September 3rd

    Ezekiel 33-34 (The Watchman) - September 4th

    Ezekiel 35-37 (Woe to Edom, Hope for Israel) - September 5th

    Ezekiel 38-39 (Prophecies Against Gog) - September 6th

    Ezekiel 40-42 (Plans for a New Temple) - September 7th

    Ezekiel 43-46 (Return of the Glory of the LORD) - September 8th

    Ezekiel 47-48 (Conclusion of Ezekiel) - September 9th

Daniel (Overview)

    Daniel 1-3 (A Judean Exile in King Nebuchadnezzar's Court) - September 10th

    Daniel 4-6 (Handwriting on the Wall, Lions in the Den) - September 11th

    Daniel 7-9 (Daniel's Visions) - September 12th

    Daniel 10-12 (A Complex Vision) - September 13th

Hosea (Overview)

    Hosea 1-3 (Obedience of Hosea) - September 14th

    Hosea 4-10 (Oracles of Hosea) - September 15th

    Hosea 11-14 (Bridge to Redemption) - September 16th

Joel (Overview)

    Joel 1-3 (It's Not Too Late!) - September 17th

Amos (Overview)

    Amos 1-4 (Siren of Warning) - September 18th

    Amos 5-9 (We Can Run But Not Hide) - September 19th

Obadiah (Overview and Study)

Jonah (Overview )

    Jonah 1-4 (The Big Fish) - September 20th

Micah (Overview)

    Micah 1-4 (Popular Prophecies) - September 21st

    Micah 5-7 (Walk Humbly with Your God) - September 22nd

Nahum (Overview)

    Nahum 1-3 (No No Nineveh) - September 23rd

Habakkuk (Overview)

    Habakkuk 1-3 (Suggestions for God to Consider) - September 24th

Zephaniah (Overview)

    Zephaniah 1-3 (Seek Ye First the Rightousness of God) - September 25th

Haggai (Overview)

    Haggai 1-2 (After the Exile) - September 26th

Zechariah (Overview)

    Zechariah 1-4 (Don't Repeat Mistakes) - September 27th

    Zechariah 5-8 (God Calling) - September 28th

    Zechariah 9-14 (Your King Comes on a Donkey) - September 29th

Malachi (Overview)

    Malachi 1-4 (The End) - September 30th


Gospels (Overview)

Matthew (Overview)

    Matthew 1-4 (Setting the Stage for Jesus' Life on Earth) - October 2nd

    Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount) - October 3rd

    Matthew 8-9 (Demonstrations of Power and Healing) - October 4th

    Matthew 10-11 (Getting the Right People on the Bus) - October 5th

    Matthew 12-13 (Lord of the Sabbath) - October 6th

    Matthew 14-17 (Removing All Doubt) - October 7th

    Matthew 18-20 (Disciples Struggle to Understand) - October 8th

    Matthew 21-22 (Jesus Cleans Up in Jerusalem) - October 9th

    Matthew 23-25 (People Get Ready) - October 10th

    Matthew 26 (Betrayal and Conviction) - October 11th

    Matthew 27-28 (Death and Resurrection) - October 12th

Mark (Overview)

    Mark 1-3 (Jesus Draws a Crowd) - October 13th

    Mark 4-5 (Who is This Man?) - October 14th

    Mark 6-7 (No Challenge Too Great) - October 15th

    Mark 8-9 (Who Is the Greatest?) - October 16th

    Mark 10-11 (Final Trip to Jerusalem) - October 17th

    Mark 12-13 (Keep Watch For the Hour Is Coming) - October 18th

    Mark 14 (Preparation for the Sacrifice) - October 19th

    Mark 15-16 (Resurrection of the One Who Came to Heal) - October 20th

Luke (Overview)

    Luke 1-2 (Promises of Birth are Fulfilled) - October 21st

    Luke 3-4 (Launch of Ministry for All Towns) - October 22nd

    Luke 5-6 (Blessed are the Fishers of Men) - October 23rd

    Luke 7-8 (Extraordinary Healing and Extraordinary Faith) - October 24th

    Luke 9-10 (Travel Lightly) - October 25th

    Luke 11-12 (What to Pray For) - October 26th

    Luke 13-15 (An Open Invitation) - October 27th

    Luke 16-18 (Jesus Challenges Our Understanding of Order) - October 28th

    Luke 19-20 (Jesus Arrives to Save the Lost) - October 29th

    Luke 21-22 (Sacrifice) - October 30th

    Luke 23-24 (Forgive Them Father) - October 31st

John (Overview)

    John 1-2 (The Word) - November 1st

    John 3-4 (For God So Loved the World) - November 2nd

    John 5-6 (The Words of Eternal Life) - November 3rd

    John 7-8 (The Light Illuminates But Does Not Condemn) - November 4th

    John 9-10 (I Was Blind but Now I See) - November 5th

    John 11-12 (Look How the Whole World Has Gone After Him!) - November 6th

    John 13-15 (I Call You Friends!) - November 7th

    John 16-17 (In a LIttle While You Will See Me No Longer) - November 8th

    John 18-19 (Adjudication) - November 9th

    John 20-21 (Just a Sampling) - November 10th

History (Overview)

Acts (Overview)

    Acts1-3 (Incendiary Growth) - November 11th

    Acts 4-5 (You Will Not be Able to Stop Them) - November 12th

    Acts 6-7 (Division of Duties) - November 13th

    Acts 8-9 (Chief Adversary Becomes Chief Advocate) - November 14th

    Acts 10-11 (Repentance for Gentiles!) - November 15th

    Acts 12-13 (The Word of God Continued to Spread) - November 16th

    Acts 14-15 (Divisiveness and Reconciliation) - November 17th

    Acts 16-17 (Guided By the Spirit) - November 18th

    Acts 18-19 (Donít Say You Didnít Hear It ) - November 19th

    Acts 20-21 (Paul Goes to Jerusalem) - November 20th

    Acts 22-23 (Jurisdictional Conflict) - November 21st

    Acts 24-26 (To Caesar You Will Go) - November 22nd

    Acts 27-28 (You Shall Be Saved) - November 23rd

Letters (Overview)

Romans (Overview)

    Romans 1-3 (Greetings Fellow Sinners) - November 24th

    Romans 4-5 (In Christ We Are Forgiven) - November 25th

    Romans 6-8 (Freedom!) - November 26th

    Romans 9-11 (The Chosen Ones) - November 27th

    Romans 12-16 (Principles of Christianity) - November 28th

1 Corinthians (Overview)

    1 Corinthians 1-4 (Unity in Church) - November 29th

    1 Corinthians 5-7 (Sex in the City of Corinth) - November 30th

    1 Corinthians 8-11 (Keep Your Eyes on the Prize) - December 1st

    1 Corinthians 12-16 (Many Spiritual Gifts - One Body) - December 2nd

2 Corinthians (Overview)

    2 Corinthians 1-4 (Shine On!) - December 3rd

    2 Corinthians 5-9 (Reconcile to God) - December 4th

    2 Corinthians 10-13 (Be Faithful and You Shall Be Commended) - December 5th

2 Galatians (Overview)

    Galatians 1-3 (The Foolish Galatians) - December 6th

    Galatians 4-6 (The Only Thing That Counts) - December 7th

Ephesians (The Church Is the Working Body of Christ) - December 8th

Philippians (Ode to Joy) - December 9th

Collosians (Keep Up the Good Work Ė But Watch Out) - December 10th

Epistles to the Thessalonians (Overview of Epistles to the Thessalonians )

    1 Thessalonians 1-5 (Minor Corrections Required) - December 11th

    2 Thessalonians 1-3 (Just a Friendly Reminder) - December 12th

Pastoral Letters (Overview of Pastoral Letters)

    1 Timothy 1-6 (Guard What Has Been Entrusted To You) - December 13th

    2 Timothy 1-3 (All Scripture is God-Breathed) - December 14th

    Titus and Philemon (Two Distinct Letters) - December 15th

Letter to the Hebrews

    Hebrews 1-4 (Godís Revelation through Jesus) - December 16th

    Hebrews 5-8 (A Superior High Priest) - December 17th

    Hebrews 9-10 (The Mediator) - December 18th

    Hebrews 11-13 (Superiority of Faith - and the Hall of Fame) - December 19th

James (Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak)

1 Peter (Marks of the Christian Life)

2 Peter (Ladder of Virtues)

1 John (Componets of God's Love)

2 and 3 John and Jude (Three Pithy Letters)

Book of Prophecy (Overview)

Revelation (Overview)

    Revelation 1-3 (Hear What the Spirit Says) - December 25th

    Revelation 4-7 (Glimpses of Glory) - December 26th

    Revelation 8-11 (Seven Trumpets) - December 27th

    Revelation 12-14 (Celestial Battles) - December 28th

    Revelation 15-17 (Seven Final Plagues) - December 29th

    Revelation 18-19 (The Fate of Babylon) - December 30th

    Revelation 20-22 (A New Heaven and a new Earth) - December 31st

"The grace of the Lord Jesus be with Godís people. Amen (Revelation 22:21 NIV)."

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